Christ Is Risen

The fact of the matter is, there is amazing evidence that Christ was ressurected. Below are the pieces of evidence.

1. The empty tomb- Mary went to the empty tomb and saw an angel that had told her Christ is risen from the dead. Most scholars agree that the tomb of Christ really was empty.

2. New Found Courage of Disciples- After Christ was crucified, the disciples hid behind locked doors in fear that they were next to be executed. They had to have seen the risen Christ to suddenly become bold preachers willing to get tortured and killed (John was the only apostle not martyred) for their claims that they saw the resurrected Christ.

3. Conversion of Paul (Saul of Tarsus)- Paul went from a bold persecutor of the Apostles, to an Apostle himself. Something divine had to have happened. He was on the road to Damascus on his way to arrest Christians when Christ appeared to him and told him causing his conversion. After that, Paul had endured five floggings and was beheaded for Christ.

Many atheists have thought of theories to debunk these ideas. Below are the atheists debunks along with a debunking of their debunks.

1. Jesus’s body was stolen- This theory is impossible because no one would have. The disciples couldn’t have stolen the body because they were cowardly and would have been overcome by the Roman guards who guarded the tomb on 4 hour shifts (therefore unlikely for them to fall asleep on the job). The Romans would not have stolen the body because they had no motive to and wanted peace. The Jews would not have stolen the body because they were the ones who wanted Jesus dead and to remain dead. Therefore they would have shown Christ’s body when the Apostles started preaching.

2. Wrong Tomb Theory- Mary would not have gone to the wrong tomb because she witnessed them putting Christ into the tomb. Even if she did go to the wrong tomb, they would have shown the right tomb when the resurrected Christ was preached.

3. Christ passed out from exhaustion- This theory is more than ridiculous because NO ONE survives a crucifixion. Even to make sure that Christ was dead before they removed Him from the cross, they pierced His side. Even if Christ had only passed out, He was nearly scourged to death before He was nailed to that old cruel rugged cross. Therefore, he would not have been able to move the stone covering the sepulchre.

4. People who saw resurrected Christ hallucinated. Psychiatrists have testified, that it is impossible for multiple people to have the same exact hallucination, at the same exact time, at the same exact place. Logic should tell you that.

5. Apostles just wanted to start the biggest conspiracy of all time- Logic should tell you, that people do not get tortured or killed for something they know is a lie. The Apostles had absolutely nothing to gain from preaching Christ’s resurrection, but rewards in heaven since they were already saved.

6. Apostles or Jesus didn’t exist- You know what, that sounds like a great idea.  Let’s start the greatest conspiracy of all time, but give all of our glory, credit, and fame to a bunch of guys that never even existed. SERIOUSLY???????

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