Oldpaths Critic Church’s Youth Pastor Arrested For Child Molesting

1 Corinthians 10:12- Wherefore let him that think he standeth take heed lest he fall.

Rotten hypocrites.

Do Right Christians

Dr. James A., PhD.

New Bridge Church of Lawrenceville, Georgia,  has been openly critical of the IFB churches (independent fundamental Baptists) with many of their followers constantly criticizing adherents of the Twitter #Oldpaths trend. New Bridge has a similar format and creed as that of IFB critic, Christian Farris of Next Level “ministries”. These groups of IFB critics are always quick to point out the sins of Jack Schaap and other IFB who have been charged with sex crimes, as a grounds for discrediting the entire IFB environment.

On December 28, 2016, the youth pastor of New Bridge Church, Nicholas Kelley, was arrested for child molestation.

Although their lead pastor, Jeff Lyle, denies being a Calvinist or Arminian, his defense of Calvinist doctrines is typical of the type of “neutral” pastors these days that disguise their closet-Calvinism in nuance.

So apparently, sexual abuse of children occurs among the…

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  1. Hi, Colin. I know the church mentioned in this article. I know the pastor you called a rotten hypocrite. Just to clarify, the church took action as soon as they found out about the crime. The pastor fired him, called the police and denounced the molestation publicly the same day. I’m not sure how that fits your description of hypocrisy. Perhaps you should do your homework before denouncing someone online. I will assume you did not speak with Pastor Lyle. I did. He wept over his youth minister’s sin. It broke his heart because it dragged the na,e of Jesus through the dirt. Kind of like this post from youmdid when you called him and his church rotten hypocrites/


      1. Do you have a single shred of proof that he does that? I’ve never heard him mention that at all. He disagrees with much from the IfB but I’ve never heard him once name any ifb leader. I think you’ve gotten some wrong info.


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